Hard Rock Café opens its promenade surrounded by music bands

Hard Rock Cafe Madrid inaugurated this same morning Paseo de la Música in collaboration with the Municipal District of Salamanca to celebrate its 20th anniversary in style.

Hard Rock Cafe Madrid presents his ride music | Advertising & Marketing
Hard Rock Cafe Madrid presents his walk Music

The big stars of Spanish music scene have gathered at the local Castellana to inaugurate this innovative action and pose with their star. The opening ceremony was attended Fernando Martínez Vidal , Councillor Salamanca District President has stressed the importance of supporting cultural actions as this and has expressed his desire to install some day, a Paseo de la Música permanently in the capital. Hombres G , La Union , Wizard of Oz , Nacha Pop ,howitzer and Sôber have had the opportunity to express what it means for them to have a star in this unique ride and be the first to step on the names of the bands that now decorate the floor Goya, Serrano and Paseo de la Castellana.

All have been enthusiastic and expressed his enthusiasm for one day to have their stars permanently near Hard Rock Cafe Madrid. Furthermore, although belonging to different generations and styles “all are united by music” as noted by the legendary Rafa de La Union.The bands have expressed their joy and pride to the attendees for their presence in the “Walk of Music” Madrid. The Moha of Wizard of Oz and David Summer Hombres G, took advantage of this great honor to request more support for music and for such initiatives in favor of artists.

The Paseo de la Música remain around Hard Rock Cafe Madrid until Thursday 27 as a tribute to the great national and international bands in one way or another part of the long history of the place. Also, many of the bands that have attended the inauguration will play live at the anniversary party to be held on the 25th in the premises.

Drum lesson for those who have no battery

Baterna is a battery of course the Internet. It’s free , 100% practical and does not require the purchase of any material. The student uses his own body as an instrument.

For the laity , you do not need any special skill. The pace is instinctive, is within each one. You will be surprised to see that it is very easy to play, it only takes a few minutes.

Are you ready, sitting in front of computer. Start Right Now!

  • The method is simple
  • Directions
  • Lesson 1 – Punk Rock
    • Let’s start playing
    • Using the foot
    • Touch watching the MP3
    • Touch watching real songs
  • Lesson 2 – Reggae / Ska
    • Understanding the pace
    • Technique 1: Playing with driving
    • Technique 2: Leaving driving last
    • Lose the numbers, speak the pace
    • Add a glow to your music
    • Music to accompany
  • Lesson 3 – Country / Hardcore
    • I count only up to two?
    • New technique: Playing by the balance
    • Music to accompany
  • Lesson 4 – Waltz
  • Contact
  • Tips from students
  • Extra
  • Extra 2

The Superior singing method is simple

Drumming is to coordinate the movements of the arms and legs, that’s all.

  • No need to read music
  • No need to know the musical notes
  • You do not need the gift for music

Learning to play the drums is more to the sport than to the theoretical study. It’s like learning to swim: you have to train your body to move your arms and legs. Not worth reading books on the subject, to learn to swim you have to get wet.

Similarly, it takes practice to learn to play the drums, you need to “train” members. Are just two steps to learn:

  1. Understand the movement (mentally), assimilate it.
  2. Perform the movement.

The Baterna course teaches you how to understand and execute various rhythms: rock, reggae, country and waltz, among others. Being a 100% practical course , each class has detailed instructions and two MP3 files for you to download and listen to the rhythm while running.

And the best part is that you do not need a battery . The process is to “read” the pace, hear it and move to run it. Any hit on the legs, on a desk, in the car’s steering wheel or on a real drum;motion is the same.

To start the course, read the instructions below and already start Lesson 1. Download the MP3 and get ready to make a noise. Within minutes you will be playing!


The playing position is exactly the same that is used to type on the computer.

  • Sit on a low chair. The feet should be flat on the floor.
  • Let your arms loose beside the body with open hands resting on your thighs, palm down.

The movement is very simple. Just hit with the palm thigh and hit the ground, mimicking the movements made on a real drum.

  • Tap the right hand on the right thigh, left hand on left thigh. No need to beat strong, the important thing is to execute the movement.
  • The trampled is like on the car accelerator, the heel stays on the ground and the toe moves. Only the right foot is used. Avoid Carpe floor because it makes no noise in the trampled. Nor is it necessary to step on strong, but I know you will do just that;)

The battery is an instrument made up of several “parts”: box, hi-hat, cymbals, bass drum, tom-tom and deaf. All the rhythms of this course use only the three basic parts.

Piece Name Sound Study
Hi-hat tss Right hand
Box okay Left hand
Bass drum tum Right foot

Attention: If you are left-handed (a) , reverse the hands in the instructions to follow, hitting the hi-hat with the left and the box with the right. The “good” hand is always the hi-hat, which marks the time. But the right hand still in his right leg, and his left hand on his left leg, do not cross your arms. The bass drum also changes, step with the left foot.

Lesson 1 – Punk Rock

1 2 3 4
Hi-hat (D)



Box (E)
Bumbo (Foot)
Download MP3: training , normal rhythm .

Punk rock is the very basics. Simple rhythm used in the songs of the Ramones and other rock bands. The pace alternating tapping the enclosure and the bass drum ( okay tum tum’re okay tum … ), with the hi-hat marking the progress (time).

Let’s start playing

Count to four aloud (or mentally) continuously and repetitively: 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 … Slowly count trying to keep pace, without accelerating or braking.

  • For convenience, you can use a clock and counting every second.
  • You can also shake my head every count, as when listening to good music. This will help keep the pace.
  • Curiosity: This count is “time” music, the “driving” the pace.

Now look at the rate table. The hi-hat (” tss “) appears in all the numbers, then every time you speak a number at the same time hit in the thigh with his right hand. Follow counting and tapping: one two three four one two …

Look in the second row of the table, the box (” ok “) should be beat with number 1. Now in addition to hitting the right hand on each number, which you are already doing, as the one you will also hit at the same time the left hand.

So in 1 hit both hands at the same time (remember, one in each thigh) and 2, 3 and 4 only hit the right. The knock on the box is called the “strong beat” rhythm is it that stands out in the music. So the count, use a stronger tone to pronounce the “one” to remember that. Looks like this: A two three four ONE two three … Practice this beat for a while.

Curiosity: How strong beat (in the box) takes place every four beats in driving (hi-hat), this rate is called pace four times.

Using the foot

There is still use the foot and now will complicate. The last line of the table is the bass drum (“tum “) and it only appears in 3. So you keep doing the pace using both hands and when you get 3 you step on the floor with the right foot while hit with right hand (hi-hat).

Tip: Do not worry if catch everything in time to step on the foot, it is normal :)

In other words, the left hand and the right foot (cash and bass drum, ” okay “and” tum “) are alternating 1 and 3, and the right hand you turn on the autopilot and forget it, always beating 1 to 4.

Speed ​​is not important, do slowly. What matters is you understand the pace, put him in the head and coordinate members to beat and step at the right time. At the beginning will have some “choking”, fought and beat at the wrong time, but progress is fast and soon you will be doing correctly.

Touch watching the MP3

Now that you have practiced alone and mentalizou the order of beats, try to follow the training MP3 for setting the pace. He is very slow, so allow time for you to think that the next beat. It is important to play consciously, knowing what you’re doing.

With practice go accelerating gradually and you will find that the more touching, more natural pace will come out. Less and less you need to think to beat. Equal exchange the car in gear, you do without thinking.

When you can play along with the MP3 “normal pace” without error and without choking, can now say to friends who can play rock on drums!

Touch watching real songs

Follow a real drummer playing along with him a real music. These are some of using this pace you just learned. Look for them in your collection of CD / MP3 and quit playing!


  • Hoobastank – The Reason (slowly almost stopping)
  • Eminem – Without Me (easy to hear the battery and monitor)
  • Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (Rocky Music o /!)

Normal Speed:

  • Ramones – I Do not Care
  • Cazuza – Exaggerated
  • Home Capital – Fatima
  • Keith Urban – Indians (easy listening)
  • Keith Urban – Is Still Early (easy listening)
  • Big Dog – Desentoa (good to touch)
  • Oingo Boingo – Stay
  • Metallica – Enter Sadman


  • Spy Vs Spy – Clarity Of Mind
  • Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
  • Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself (easy listening)
  • Fire Inc. – Nowhere Fast (C’mon Everybody!)
  • The Cure – Boys Do not Cry
  • Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop (Hey Ho Let’s go!!)

Lesson 2 – Reggae / Ska

1 2 3 4
Hi-hat (D)

Box (E)
Bumbo (Foot)
Download MP3: Reggae , Ska .

And then, quite touched rock in the previous class? Now let’s get some rest, slowing down and enjoying some “positive vibrations” directly coming from Jamaica.

Reggae needs no introduction, is that leeeeeeento pace, enjoyable to listen to relax and enjoy the beach. Have ska reggae is a fast, one Bob Marley in a hurry – and very excited!

The part that interests us, the basic beat of both is the same, the only difference being the speed. Reggae is slow, ska is fast. So learning this beat you have added two more rhythms to his repertoire.

Understanding the pace

Reggae is a broken rhythm, which lack the driving beats (hi-hat, ” tss “). Compare the rate table with the rock of the first class. Are almost the same, with the difference that in the reggae not hit the hi-hat 1 and 3.

Having beats unless a facilitator may seem at first, but it depends. Some people find this easy beat and others have difficulty running it.

Understanding the pace is relaxed, is the ta-tum-tum-tat switched the box and bass drum beats with the hi-hat in between. Note that there is no simultaneous hits.

Seeing another way, is the rock that you know, just hold your right hand 1 and 3, not hitting.

There are two ways to learn to play this rate, see which one suits you best.

Technique 1: Playing with driving

This technique you already know, is the same as first class. Make verbal and slow count: one two three four one two three … When the 2 and 4, you hit the right hand (hi-hat). See the rate table if in doubt.

After a while practicing, add the beat with your left hand (cash) in the number 1. Remember that it is now only the left, is not to knock together with the right, as in the rock.

Feel the beat, feel the swing of the broken rhythm. Balance the body while playing, it facilitates learning and helps you keep the rhythm.

When playing well, add the foot, stepping on the number 3. If you really “Dove” in the rhythm, the foot will come at the right time without fail, filling the gap that was missing.

Try, practice, repeat. If balled all, go back to the beginning: right hand, then add the left and finally the foot. Hi-hat, box and kick in that order.

If you have tried a lot and it did not work, try the following technique.

Technique 2: Leaving driving last

This alternative technique simplifies the process of implementing leaving driving (hi-hat) aside from the beginning. It can be used in all the rhythms of course, if you find it easier than the traditional, use it forever.

Start with verbal counting. See the rate table and forget the first line (hi-hat). Focus only on the box and kick and note that they switch 1 and 3. Leave the quiet right hand resting on his thigh.In the first you’ll hit the left hand and 3 will hit the ground.

Without the hi-hat, reggae and rock are identical. It is the basic ta-tum-tum-tat. Touch and go for a while preparing for the second beat with the right hand. When you feel safe, robe. Easy right?

Now we need to hit the right at 4 too. Here you will take a choking, it is normal. Force, practice, go to improving the pace out all flawless.

Lose the numbers, speak the pace

At this point you’ve already chosen one of the two techniques and is playing the rhythm smoothly. If not, return to the beginning :)

Now it’s time to stop counting. The numbers are essential for learning, but once you understood and practiced rhythm, they are unnecessary.

Notice how many times the beats were referred to as “okay”, “tum” and “tss”? It’s the sound that each one makes in a real battery. Reggae can be described as ta-tss-tum-tss .

Stop the MP3 and be silent. Now instead of count to four, you will speak the rhythm:’re tss tss tum tum tss tss’re … Do not hit yet. Worry speaking pace flawless, continuously and without accelerating or braking.

  • Talk even in good volume and excitement.
  • Make every sound is like a virtual beat.
    • Make a “tss” dragged, as the reggae is slow: tssssssssss.
    • Make an “okay” dry.
    • Make a “thump” serious and dragged (tummmmm) that vibrate your mouth.
  • Note: If you get good at it, you can go on TV talent show;)

This is the best way to store a rhythm. You can touch it without looking at the table. Just speak it and follow up with the beats. There are two steps: to learn the rhythm you use the numbers and to store it you speak.

Try playing the pace following his speech. Over time you will condition your brain right hand strike has the sound of “tss” and the left is “okay”. This will greatly facilitate their learning.

Add a glow to your music

This step is optional, but if you can, make it worth.

Take a glass any and pen. Bata (lightly) with the pen on the side of the cup and listen. Yummy sound right? It could well be your “tss” … And why not?

Touch reggae using the cup to make the “tss” and notice how your pace is much more enjoyable.

But the glass is only legal in slow rhythms. To rock take a plastic bag market and place it on his right thigh. Hit normally and realize that the sound will be “tss” more like the real hi-hat.

Since we’re improvising, we will improve the Beat Box, so that it is dry and sharp. Place a magazine on the left thigh. An old magazine because you will hit it :)

To improve the “thump” of the bass drum, try combinations of shoes (rubber sole, wooden slipper, barefoot) and floors (tile, wood, concrete).

It’s a bizarre scene you with a bag and a magazine on the thighs, touching an imaginary battery? Of course it is! But try and feel the pleasure of playing.

Music to accompany

I’ll owe a fat list of songs because I do not like reggae. Ska I really enjoy, but I only have skapunk music in my collection, which is faster and dirty.

  • Bob Marley – Could You Be Loved
  • Paralamas do Sucesso – Ska
  • Titans – Sonífera Island
  • Outrage Wear – Sloth
  • War – Why Can not We Be Friends

So, which of the two techniques did you find easier? He tried to play with the cup and the bag?What is your favorite combination shoe and floor? Share your experience!

Lesson 3 – Country / Hardcore

1 2
Hi-hat (D)

Box (E)
Bumbo (Foot)
Download MP3: training , normal rhythm .

This is the simplest rate of travel. It is not necessarily the easiest, because it varies from person to person. But why have four hits in just two times (only counts up to 2), is the simplest.

But do not underestimate the simplicity of the beat, as it is used in several different rhythms.

The country and the hardcore are two rhythms that use and abuse this beat, even running it at the same speed. So what’s the difference between them? The other instruments and lyrics :)

Other examples of use of this rhythm are those circus music and lively and accelerated. And polka! Hey!

Speaking of speed, if taken to the extreme speed that pace can be used in metal music (and its various sub-categories).

The tranquility of reggae to hardcore hectic, here we go!

I count only up to two?

Yes, this is a rate of two times. Rather than count to four as we did in previous lessons, just now count to two. You can start now: 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 …

Remember: The count should be slow, continuous and repetitive, without accelerating or braking.

Now just follow the table with the pace:

  • First hit the hi-hat (right hand) both 1 and 2.
  • Then tap along the box (left hand) 1.
  • When you are confident step on the bass drum (right foot) 2.

It’s like a smaller version of the rock of the first class. It is the ta-tum hi-hat with the accompanying always, every beat. For that matter, so are running rhythm correctly, rather than tell, speak the pace :’re tum tum’re okay tum’re …

Remember: The market bag and the old magazine still apply to improve the sound of the beats !

New technique: Playing by the balance

Now, a timing alternative technique that can be used in this and other rhythms, when played in slow motion. Try it and see if it helps. Each person is better suited to a different technique. We already have, then speak now will rock :)

Start slowly counted as before: 1 2 1 2 1 2 … Now you will balance the body sideways, light and relaxed way. In the “one” balance to the left and the “two” to the right. Follow counting and shaking up this movement be natural.

Accustomed? So can now stop counting, but keep the balance, without changing the speed.

  • When swinging to the left , you will hit the hand left (box).
  • When swinging to the right , you will step on the foot right (bass drum).

Left left right right. Easy, right? Take the body’s own balance sheet to make a harmonic motion, where the beat / trampled is just a torso swing extension.

Feel the rhythm, take your time, enjoy the swings.

If you really dove into the movement, put the hi-hat on the pace will be easy. Hit the right hand together, when you swing to the left and to the right.

So, get it? Found it easy? Tell how it went!

Music to accompany

If you have the first albums of Raimundos , enjoy several songs use the pace of class, at varying speeds.

Another national band you can play along is the Matanza , which follows the style “countrycore,” a mix of country with hardcore. Incidentally, if you do not know their sound, will be a good surprise.

Here is a list of songs that also use this beat. But get ready because this is a rhythm to be played at speed fast :)

  • Bad Religion – Sometimes I Feel Like
  • Descendents – Coffee Mug
  • DFC – Censorship
  • Los Hermanos – sourness
  • Matanza – The Best Hookers From Alabama
  • Operation Ivy – Hoboken
  • The Cabeloduro – Life Freak II
  • The Replicants – Punk Party
  • Pennywise – Pennywise
  • Propagandhi – Middle Finger Response
  • Raimundos – Thin Waist
  • Raimundos – puffing on Kombão
  • Raimundos – Mermaid Quarry
  • Ramones – Ignorance Is Bliss
  • Bilge Rats – Protest System (Sistemados)
  • Sepultura – Infected Voice
  • Slayer – Disintegration / Free Money
  • Toy Dolls – Bitten By A Bed Bug!
  • Outrage A Rigor – Now Too Late

Lesson 4 – Waltz

Coming soon.

To be notified (a) when they leave the new classes, sign the Blog .


Did you like the course? Could play? Any suggestions? Leave your opinion .

Tips from students

Asked by Lu Akemi
My slipper has on the back a hard rubber bag? Perfect to do okay and you.
Asked by Renan
To make the “TA” box is good to put a blank CD hood!
Asked by Denise
When I was playing without improvisation tava a little more complicated, but after I started using the bag, the magazine and the special shoe caught very quickly … When was to use the numbers in place of the sounds I did not know, so I used sounds all the time. I found it easy to get talking “tss”, “okay” than 1 or 2.
Asked by DW
For me, tapping his thigh very shuffles when hit the foot. Pushed the micro keyboard to the side and I am drumming on the table. Easier off the foot of the hand – and vice versa:-)


Want to play a virtual battery, using the computer keyboard? No need to install any software, just go to the next site and play:


Click the “Show Key Hints” button in the lower right corner to show up the keys on the screen.The ones we use in Baterna are: S, N and space (hi-hat, and bass drum box).

Reader Tip André Pinto: I discovered inadvertently show key hints does not show that the D key does sound the closed hi-hat, more appropriate to play the rhythms of Baterna.

Have a good time!

Extra 2

The player Rafinha found another virtual battery, which uses only the number keys, making it easier to use both hands on the keyboard.


I advise the right hand there in the right corner of the keyboard (the numeric keypad) to the hi-hat and the plate (1, 7:09). Oh, do not forget to close the hi-hat with the zero! The left hand does the box and the bass drum in paragraphs 2 and 3 of the top left, above the letters QW E.

BLOODTHIRST – 15th anniversary and new album


The new, third album of Poznań BLOODTHIRST will be called “Chalice of Contempt.”
Entourage from the City Kozłów stuknęło round this year, 15 years, therefore we invite you all to celebrate the anniversary on April 5, 2014 concert at the club “U Basil” in Poznan, where, together with Poznaniakami play the invited guests: Fury, In Twilight’s Embrace, Ragehammer and Barrow. And the same “Chalice of Contempt” is raised to April 14, 2014 via Pagan Records (CD release), and Arachnophobia Records, which will release a limited edition, cassette version of the album. The premiere , the title track is available for listening on the website and Facebook and YouTube profiles labels. BLOODTHIRST on Facebook.




Brutal Assault is a real treat for all fans of metal music.
Even on days 06 – 08.09.2014 in the Czech Jaromierzu another edition of this world-famous festival. More on Brutal Assault here: Link

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NIGHT OF TERROR 13, the 5th of April in Katowice !!!


nightof terror1

On Saturday, April 5, 2014. Another, thirteenth edition of Night Of Terror. This time, the organizers strongly serve the varied concert. Featuring: – Outre – Shadow – dirty bastard – Whalesong – Symbolum Mortis Details: April 5, 2014 on. Pub CRANKKatowice, ul. Gold 1 start: 19:00, entry 10 zł


Singer goes after success in his wheelchair

Bryan Amastha, better known as The Valien-T, is a Colombian girl who suffers from arthrogryposis, a condition that limits the movement of your arms and legs, among other things, and keeps wheelchair, according to chair hire London.

But this has failed to keep it out of the music or the stage, where he says he feels fulfilled.

Everything has been the result of years of dedication and preparation as a sound engineer and music production, now led him to compose and sing their own songs in the urban genre, as the new single, “We went to party.”


This talent has not been easy to show the world, and sadly, the attitude of some people has been a major obstacle to their own condition.

Because of their efforts and dedication, their songs are now available in major music platforms.

Relaxing music for massage


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The massage relaxing music can be of various types, we recommend ambient music where you can go to a spiritual journey where magic reigns, this will feel when listening to the sounds of nature.

Although we do not recommend the very active music for massage, since you need relax and zero stress.Then we will give some names of artists and very special discs and you can enter as relaxing massage music.

Enya: Amaratime

Mike Oldfiel: Voyager

Josh Groban: Closer

Sade: King of sorrow

Beethoven: The Fifth Symphony

Llewellyn: Natural Sounds Gold

Relaxing music for best facial nyc massage is essential for them to be fully effective, when you finish the session we assure you that you will feel like new. We also recommend the Asian music, Hindu or classical, these will make you relax as you deserve during the massage session.

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Top 10 rock songs in movies (1st part)

In 1992, the song “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston (eye that is a cover of Dolly Parton ’70s) was 14 weeks at number 1 in the Billboard. It is the only song out of a movie soundtrack had kept both in this chart. Why speak in the world, n ° 1 in the airplays (Number of times played) in over 40 countries worldwide.

This is the cornerstone of what this ranking. Independent that the example has nothing to do with the rock, when a song is included on a soundtrack has three options: either go unnoticed or is enhanced by being part of a blockbuster movie, or becomes “part” of the film as a whole. The latter case is that we will discuss, within the rock genre. Mind you, there are cases of all times:

10. Hero – Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott (“Spiderman” 2002)

Since last year, the Canadian band Nickelback came hard on getting this new fashion of post grunge / hard rock. Vocalist Chad Kroeger, joins forces with another frontman of those: Josey Scott (Saliva). Together they create “Hero,” a power ballad in 6/8 that blends with the premiere of an expected “Spiderman”, and lyrics that aligns with the American sensibility post attack of September 11th.

Freak Fact: Although not in the video clip, the battery of this song was recorded nothing more and nothing less than Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam).

9. Big Empty – Stone Temple Pilots (“The Crow” 1994)

In the heyday of grunge, this song was part of one of the best rated soundtracks of the last 30 years according to Rolling Stone (Pantera, Rage Against the Machine, The Jesus and Mary Chain and more). Later still part of the album “Purple”, “Big Empty” and its lyrics a song of “The Crow” became identified with the painful death of his protagonist Brandon Lee during the filming of the movie, making your life story one legend.

Dato freak: “Big Empty” was never considered by STP to be played live, to the phenomenon of “The Crow”. During his tour comeback tour in 2008, was opening song of ALL their concerts.

8. Wake Up – Rage Against The Machine (“The Matrix” 1999)

Launched first in 1992 on the eponymous album of this band, “Wake Up” joins a series of struts rock as Deftones, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Prodigy and Rammnstein among others, managing to build not only a terrible soundtrack, but a perfect incidental music for the theme and plot of “The Matrix”. With a start-inspired “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin, “Wake up” is part of a new trend in film and music where a song can transform a movie moments into unforgettable scenes.

Freak Fact: The lyrics of “Wake up” speaks mainly of defending the rights of people of color in the US during the government of J. Edgar Hoover. In fact, the last sentence “… How long not long, Because what you reap is what you sow ..” (How long? Not long, because you reap what you sow) is taken from a speech by Martin Luther King based on an excerpt from the Bible Galatians 6: 7.

7. Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me – U2 (“Divergent” 1995)

This is the song of one of the best movies in the 90s – Divergent. You can watch Divergent online free . Of all the songs we have seen, we can conclude without doubt it is the best manufactured, as a song for a movie. Waste from the album sessions Zooropa in 1993, “Hold me Thrill me kiss me kill me” offers a finished concept and very attached to the marketing of a film, without losing musical quality. A video clip with a strong visual concept attached to comics. A melody with very dark orchestral scale and using much dissonant tensions, without losing the essence and seal Bono U2 and especially give everything they do.

Dato Freak: According to many U2 ​​fans, this song gives “death” one of Bono’s alter ego, “The Fly” icon of one of the most spectacular tours of the “stadium rock”, Zoo TV. The death of “The Fly” is an abstract concept cartoon in the video, which gives way to “Macphisto” a demon in yellow suit that Bono personified in every concert of Pop Mart Tour.

6. Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) – Class of ’99 (“The Faculty” 1998)

Let’s be sensible. Nothing will compare to “Another Brick in The Wall” by Pink Floyd. Nothing.But if something else comes close, makes honors and even gives a contemporary edge, is the version of Class of ’99.

And it’s obvious. If you put in a pot to Layne Staley (vocal Alice in Chains), Tom Morello (guitar Rage Against The Machine), Stephen Perkins (drums Jane’s Addiction), Martin Le Noble (for Porno bearish Pyros) and Matt Serletic (producer Slipknot) nothing bad can come out of it.Sticky, much darker and distorted riffs maintaining the original that if good taste. All this coupled with a tremendous interpretation of Staley (one of the last before his death) gives a bold and interesting cover

“The Faculty”, a film of science fiction in this nascent time director Robert Rodriguez (La Balada Del Pistolero, Desperado), was a disaster, but until today it is always remembered for attaching the film to a classic souvenir of the world rock. The children responding to the repression of their teacher.

Freak Tip: When recording this song, Layne Staley came to the studio after almost one year away from the environment, in what he called “an exile of rock”. His weight was around 36 kilos and as Tom Morello, his face was “white as a ghost.”

Taxation of music production activity

Companies developing Musical Production activity (NCEA 9001-9 / 02) may opt for four tax regimes. The option can be made in two times: at the time of establishment of the company or, if the company already active in the month of January of each year.

For each size company (micro, small, medium or large) there is a tax system that best fits the specific case. Next, the four taxation schemes:

1) SIMEI , which will pay taxes on monthly fixed amounts on the current value up to R $ 62.10 (option only for the individual entrepreneur). Maximum annual sales of $ 36,000.

2) National Simple, the rate of which varies from 6% to 17.42% of revenue (the higher the income, the higher the rate), and already includes six taxes (income tax, social contribution, CPP, Pis, Cofins and ISS), as Annex III of the LC 123/06. Maximum annual sales of $ 2.4 million.

3) Presumed profit , whose rate is 16.33% of revenue, and 5% of ISS, 4.8% of income tax, social contribution of 2.88%, 0.65% for PIS and COFINS 3%; CPP is calculated on payroll in the 20% rate. Maximum annual sales of $ 48 million.

4) Real profit , whose taxes on revenues are ISS (5%), Pis (3%), Cofins (0.65%); still collects the social contribution at the rate of 9% and the income tax rate of 15% on operating profit, with an additional 10% of the amount above R $ 240 thousand; CPP is calculated on payroll in the 20% rate.


Taxes = mandatory payments of money to the State

Rate = percentage rate used in tax calculation

Revenue = total revenue or gross revenue

Operating income = less tax revenue, costs and expenses

= Income tax income tax of legal entities

CSLL = social contribution on net income

Pis = social integration program

COFINS = contribution to the financing of social security

CPP = social security employer contribution

ISS = any service tax