BLOODTHIRST – 15th anniversary and new album


The new, third album of Poznań BLOODTHIRST will be called “Chalice of Contempt.”
Entourage from the City Kozłów stuknęło round this year, 15 years, therefore we invite you all to celebrate the anniversary on April 5, 2014 concert at the club “U Basil” in Poznan, where, together with Poznaniakami play the invited guests: Fury, In Twilight’s Embrace, Ragehammer and Barrow. And the same “Chalice of Contempt” is raised to April 14, 2014 via Pagan Records (CD release), and Arachnophobia Records, which will release a limited edition, cassette version of the album. The premiere , the title track is available for listening on the website and Facebook and YouTube profiles labels. BLOODTHIRST on Facebook.




Brutal Assault is a real treat for all fans of metal music.
Even on days 06 – 08.09.2014 in the Czech Jaromierzu another edition of this world-famous festival. More on Brutal Assault here: Link

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NIGHT OF TERROR 13, the 5th of April in Katowice !!!


nightof terror1

On Saturday, April 5, 2014. Another, thirteenth edition of Night Of Terror. This time, the organizers strongly serve the varied concert. Featuring: – Outre – Shadow – dirty bastard – Whalesong – Symbolum Mortis Details: April 5, 2014 on. Pub CRANKKatowice, ul. Gold 1 start: 19:00, entry 10 zł


Relaxing music for massage


The massages are essential to rest and to have the body and mind in a state of being. A good idea when you get massage is relaxing music will make you feel in another dimension while you welcome him to relax.

The massage relaxing music can be of various types, we recommend ambient music where you can go to a spiritual journey where magic reigns, this will feel when listening to the sounds of nature.

Although we do not recommend the very active music for massage, since you need relax and zero stress.Then we will give some names of artists and very special discs and you can enter as relaxing massage music.

Enya: Amaratime

Mike Oldfiel: Voyager

Josh Groban: Closer

Sade: King of sorrow

Beethoven: The Fifth Symphony

Llewellyn: Natural Sounds Gold

Relaxing music for best facial nyc massage is essential for them to be fully effective, when you finish the session we assure you that you will feel like new. We also recommend the Asian music, Hindu or classical, these will make you relax as you deserve during the massage session.

You can talk to your massage therapist to find out if you may bring your own music, relaxing music also uses massage when giving a massage to your partner, this will flow reborn romance and passion. The massages are very important, so we recommend you use all your weapons for the welfare, care of your body, surely not regret it.

Taxation of music production activity

Companies developing Musical Production activity (NCEA 9001-9 / 02) may opt for four tax regimes. The option can be made in two times: at the time of establishment of the company or, if the company already active in the month of January of each year.

For each size company (micro, small, medium or large) there is a tax system that best fits the specific case. Next, the four taxation schemes:

1) SIMEI , which will pay taxes on monthly fixed amounts on the current value up to R $ 62.10 (option only for the individual entrepreneur). Maximum annual sales of $ 36,000.

2) National Simple, the rate of which varies from 6% to 17.42% of revenue (the higher the income, the higher the rate), and already includes six taxes (income tax, social contribution, CPP, Pis, Cofins and ISS), as Annex III of the LC 123/06. Maximum annual sales of $ 2.4 million.

3) Presumed profit , whose rate is 16.33% of revenue, and 5% of ISS, 4.8% of income tax, social contribution of 2.88%, 0.65% for PIS and COFINS 3%; CPP is calculated on payroll in the 20% rate. Maximum annual sales of $ 48 million.

4) Real profit , whose taxes on revenues are ISS (5%), Pis (3%), Cofins (0.65%); still collects the social contribution at the rate of 9% and the income tax rate of 15% on operating profit, with an additional 10% of the amount above R $ 240 thousand; CPP is calculated on payroll in the 20% rate.


Taxes = mandatory payments of money to the State

Rate = percentage rate used in tax calculation

Revenue = total revenue or gross revenue

Operating income = less tax revenue, costs and expenses

= Income tax income tax of legal entities

CSLL = social contribution on net income

Pis = social integration program

COFINS = contribution to the financing of social security

CPP = social security employer contribution

ISS = any service tax